Healthy Ageing

When your body doesn’t quite work like you want it to, it is easy to assume the changes are due to ageing. But some symptoms, or indeed a lot can be related to Diet and lifestyle. Other factors such as genetics, stress, poor sleep & chronic also contribute to premature ageing and debility.

According to Naturopath Victoria West, getting older does not necessarily mean a significant decline in health. “If we can teach people early enough about how to stay healthy, we can improve their current health, and that translates to healthier ageing.

Client’s over 50 often come to discuss health conditions such as Reflux, Joint and muscle pains, Fatigue, Insomnia, Depression, Heart health and Blood pressure, Declining memory, IBS and constipation and many other health issues.

Victoria often sees older clients who are on multiple medications. However targeted herbal prescriptions can be used safely when incorporated into a carefully planned treatment protocol, even in clients who are on multiple pharmaceuticals products,Victoria says

  1. Four things you can expect at your first appointment:
    1. A detailed one hour consultation
    2. A review of all current blood tests from a Naturopathic Wellness perspective
    3. An Iridology consultation to assess current health
    4. A comprehensive treatment protocol to improve your health

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