Your Monthly Cycle

A woman’s menstrual cycle should not unduly interrupt her life. However, many women experience a multitude of problems ranging from emotional swings, bloating, headaches, breast tenderness, insomnia, fatigue, cravings and occasionally flushes.

And if that is not enough, these women can often experience heavy, cramping or difficult flows. In short, some women may only experience one good week a month before hormone symptoms start cycling and dominating the remainder of the cycle.

Peri- menopause and menopausal can display similar unsettling symptoms.

What is a woman to do! According to Naturopath Victoria West there are easy dietary and lifestyle changes that can have a huge beneficial impact on diminishing hormonal symptoms. Victoria says she uses these dietary and lifestyle changes to help form a base for treatment. Herbal or homoeopathic treatments lend additional support until there are good improvements.

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Restless Leg Syndrome

This condition afflicts many people from children to older age, men and women alike.

Little is known about the full reason behind this frustrating condition that causes the lower legs (usually) to feel restless, crampy, aching or have a crawling sensation.

Restless legs most often cause problems when people are trying to relax or get to sleep. Naturopath Victoria West says “symptoms are mostly prominent at this time of the day. When people are trying to sleep their legs just won’t let them relax.” Poor sleep can result with the person’s energy and even immune system being compromised long term.

Victoria says she has seen and successfully helped many people with Restless Leg Syndrome. “Some people say the restless legs can make them feel anxious, irritable and frustrated” Victoria says. “Generally this is an easy condition to treat with simple changes to diet and some nutritional support.” Victoria says

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Skin Deep

Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, lumps bumps and itches. These surface conditions often tell us that our system is struggling to keep up with our diet or lifestyle. Allergies to foods, plants and animals can leave us scratching and irritable and socially withdrawn.

These conditions are more than skin deep and need closer attention than just a topical cream.

Naturopath Victoria West says her detailed case histories can help to determine the underlying causes of these conditions. ‘People find these conditions distressing not just because of the discomfort but also because it affects their confidence.’ Teenager acne is a prime example Victoria says she encounters often.

Eczema can also keep people awake at night, thereby reducing their energy, health and quality of life.

Victoria says her approach is based around dietary and lifestyle advice with herbal and or homoeopathic treatments. By using diet and lifestyle changes Victoria says the client can learn to take control of the things exacerbating their condition and are able to keep herbs to a minimum.

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Digestion is the cornerstone of good health

Many people suffer daily with bad digestion. From heart burn to constipation, these seemingly minor health problems can create major health difficulties if left untreated, or if the underlying issue is ‘covered up’ with long term use of pharmaceuticals.

Digestive disorders are so common, that many people who consume antacids in large quantities don’t even consider themselves to be suffering from a chronic digestive disorder.

Flatulence, tiredness after eating, heartburn, fullness of the stomach, bloating, pain, diarrhea, constipation, are common signs of chronic digestive disorders.

Victoria West Naturopath says that ‘Digestion is the cornerstone of good health’. To be truly healthy it is important to be able to digest and use the energy of the foods you are eating.

Diet therefore is pivotal to good digestive health. Just as there is no “one” herb for people’s digestive complaints, there is no “one” diet for everyone.

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Here is a link to a youtube video from Kiran Krishna about gut, skin and so much more.


Conception and Fertility

Conception and fertility problems are increasing significantly, with statistics showing an increase in both male and female sub fertility. If both parents have hormonal issues or tissue damage then conception becomes a challenge.

Improving diet and nutritional status, reducing stress and weight and supporting hormone function all help improve fertility.

Most people only know of IVF, however Naturopath Victoria West says that Natural Medicine not only helps couples to improve their fertility, but with good pre-conception care can improve the health of babies during pregnancy as well as for the rest of the baby’s life even into old age.

Naturopath Victoria West says she is passionate about Pre-Conception Care (PCC). “Statistics show PCC can confer a positive outcome not just for the current pregnancy and baby but can provide health benefits for even your great great grandchildren” Victoria says. Having healthy parents during and after the pregnancy allows a better coping mechanism, better breast feeding outcomes and better health for the whole family.

One last aspect of good PCC is that research again has shown a well balance PCC protocol can help silence some genes that are expressed as family issues. There is an opportunity to help people improve their health and gene expression – a legacy that Victoria thinks is so important for todays families.

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Hayfever, Allergy and Immune

Hayfever and other allergies such as eczema can be a real problem for people. Sneezing, Itching and a runny nose can lead to fatigue, irritability, foggy head and headaches.

Allergies occur when the immune system becomes reactive with exposure to allergens that the individual has developed a sensitivity to. Such items include pollens, grasses, mould, animal dander, dairy, wheat, shellfish, eggs and grasses.

The good news is that if you have been dependant on anti-histamines to get you through spring, there are other avenues of help, says Victoria West, Naturopath.

When a client presents with hayfever, eczema, asthma or sinus we take a detailed history including diet and lifestyle and an iridology assessment to look at the underlying problems. A specific programme is then put together to help relieve the clients symptoms while addressing the underlying problems.

In this way the improvement in the condition is faster and longer lasting.

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