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Iridology is the art and science of studying the coloured part of your eye, (known as the Iris) for the fibre structure, patterns and colours. Each organ and part of the body has a corresponding area that is represented in your iris. Interpretation of these signs helps to establish how your body is working.

Other aspects of Iridology can also indicate genetically inherited and lifestyle patterns which may help to establish the trajectory of your life path.  This information then helps to provide a basis of treatment with herbs, nutritional and other natural medicines to enhance your health.

At your initial appointment a photograph will be taken using an iris digital camera.  The photograph is then enhanced on the computer screen so we discuss and share the aspects of importance to your health.  The information provided to you about your iris is framed in a positive and therapeutic light and is always focused on your health outcomes.

Image result for iridologyExamples: The brown dots often relate to genetic information and possible toxins contained in that area of the body.  From the Rayid Iridology platform (assessing mental emotional states via the iris) people with these ‘spots’ in their iris are usually said to be perfectionists (perhaps not in every aspect of their lives), and who prefer to do things themselves (so they know it will be done the right way :))


Image result for cholesterol ring iridology  Example: The ‘white ring’ at the edge of the iris is known as a ‘cholesterol ring’.  It indicates circulatory issues (congested arteries and high cholesterol or triglyceride levels).  In the Rayid Assessment, it is called a ‘ring of determination’

Image result for stress ring iridologyExample:  The ‘rings’ you see around the iris are called ‘stress, cramp, contraction or nerve rings’.  It indicates tension in the musculature of the body.  Long term tension in the body can lead to reduced blood and nerve supply to internal organs and reduced health.