Below are some new recipe links from Sarah Wilson.

In this link Sarah Wilson gives us the 11 most used recipes from her book – Enjoy.

The 11 best recipes from Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar book

This next Sarah Wilson link is for those with a sweet tooth.  I personally like the Raspberry Ripple which a dear friend made for me.  This lovely friend adds all the berries, not just raspberries and she also adds a little hemp seed oil.  It adds a deeper yummy flavour and adds the benefit of a healthy essential fatty acid.  If using hemp seed oil, you must buy it fresh and keep refrigerated (as it goes rancid very quickly)

Pete Evans has been a little bit controversial in the past few weeks.  However his food speaks for itself – Fresh, Healthy and whole. Food to nourish your body

Here are a few recipes:  This first one contains okra.  Now if you haven’t cooked with okra before – it is an acquired last and not one to foist on the general family first up, so leave out the Okra.  This should be an enjoyable and easy recipe.  As always change the recipe to suit you and what you have in the fridge.  But I would suggest keeping the herbs the same.

Cauliflower Fried Rice

And now for home made jellies.  Will do one from Pete Evans and then a few from Sarah Wilson

We now sell Australian Grass fed beef gelatine in the practice (phone to secure your grass fed gelatine now so you can make these yummy jellies and gummies)

Coconut Water Jelly with Berries

Sarah Wilson’s recipes below are for gummies, marshmallow’s and off the wagon Wagon Wheels.  In the attached link, she is selling her gelatine, however I like the Australian grass fed version I now stock in the practice.  You can simply phone me to collect this – 9792 4248

Yummy gummy for your tummy: our top 5 gelatin recipes