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  1. Iridology
  2. Hormone Testing – Blood, Urine and Saliva testing
  3. Digestive diagnostics
    1. Breath testing
    2. Stool testing
  4. Hair analysis to check for heavy metals and nutritional markers
  5. Allergy and food intolerance testing
  6. Genetic testing and evaluation (beneficial for sensitive people considering medical medications)
  7. Pathology testing – wide range of pathology testing
  8. Thyroid testing (in house and external)
  9. Tongue and Nail diagnosis
  10. Zinc taste testing
  11. Pyrrole Testing (for behavioural issues mostly)


  1. Reviewing medical blood tests.  When a GP looks at your blood results, they are looking for a disease process.  Naturopaths look at your results with a wholistic view.  This means that your bloods are reviewed to see if they are well within normal limits (and not at either end of the scale or just over their limits), as well as which bloods you can cross reference to obtain a better more wholistic picture of the person and results.
  2. Herbal medicines – Liquid herbals can be prescribed and are formulated specifically for the individual and their unique case.  Herbal tabletted versions are available but are more generic in nature
  3. Nutritional and dietary support for
    1. Healthy ageing
    2. Weight loss or weight gain
    3. Detoxification
    4. Allergy issues
    5. Digestive support
    6. Sensitivities to foods
  4. Homoeopathic medicines – Most commonly used complexes but some simplexes are used in prescribing

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