Pyrrole disorder manifests in several ways, usually presenting with symptoms as minor as mood swings, irritability, disordered thinking, fatigue and fuzzy head and up to more extreme symptoms such as Schizophrenia, Migraines, Allergies, Depression and social withdrawl to name a few.

Basically Pyrroles are part of the formation of haemoglobin.  Haemoglobin (Hb) forms via an intricate pathway to help provide our red blood cells with the ability to transport oxygen to every cells in our body.  In order to make Hb it is vital we have the necessary vitamins and minerals to not only make the Hb but then to deal with the waste products from this process.

If for some reason the body can’t clear Pyrroles then the above symptoms will be displayed.

Many factors contribute to Pyrrole disorder.  The causes range from disordered gene function to poor gut health and dietary deficiencies that reduce much needed nutritional support to ‘detoxify’ Pyrroles from the body

Even if you have a healthy diet, poor gut absorption, medical drugs, stress, certain disease processes, poor sleep, sleep apnoea or other health issues may deplete the essential nutrients you need to deal with Pyrrole disorder.  Rather than considering Pyrrole disorder to be a disease state, it is best to consider it as more an issue of ‘oxidative stress marker’ in the body

Testing for Pyrrole disorder is easy and treatment is also easy and can make a huge difference to both the person with Pyrrole disorder and their families.

Unfortunately at this stage, Pyrrole disorder is little known in the medical field and therefore is not tested as part of the Medicare system.  However that does not make this condition any less relevant.  Just because it is not tested medically does not mean we should ignore this important area of health.   Given that the treatment may be as simple as nutritional supplementation it is almost a must to test. Often when children present with behavioural issues or adults who display ongoing symptoms of depression, irritability or other mood disorders or conditions such as migraines, it is advised to look at the option of testing Pyrroles

Naturopathic testing costs $80 and is a simple urine test.  Results are usually back within 2 weeks.