Why Naturopathy for kids?                 

Our children deserve the best head start in life we can give them. Naturopathy comprises of nutrition, herbal medicine and lifestyle advice that works in harmony with their little bodies without any harmful side effects. Naturopathic consultations are designed to identify the cause of your child’s symptoms in order to restore their health so they can live their lives as they should – pain free and full of energy.

We treat ages from birth upwards

Naturopathy can be used to help improve –                Image result for Free Picture Of Children To Download. Size: 165 x 98. Source: www.transparentpng.com

Digestion – tummy aches, constipation, diarrhoea, bloating and gas and reflux (babies usually)

Immunity – frequent colds and flu and fevers, sore ears and throats, allergies, infections

Behaviour – Anxiety and mood disphoria, ADHD (whether clinically diagnosed or not), autism spectrum issues, hyperactivity, sleep issues, sleep walking and talking or nightmares

Herbal Medicine and supplements

Herbal medicine and nutritional supplements help to support the body to balance more easily and quickly and Homoeopathics can be used in cases where children cannot swallow tablets or liquid herbs. Herbal medicines can also be used in creams to use support skin issues.


Food is fuel. Food should provide us with all the nutrients we need for our bodies to run efficiently. Children eat less quantities of food than adults so its important that every mouthful counts and that it is of the cleanest source.  whole fresh meat fish fruits and veg and limiting or avoiding the  intake of ption of sugars, preservatives and chemicals which can cause the body to use more nutrients than we can replace with our food.

Avoid the supermarket aisles that contain processed foods and make your shop count with fresh foods. The food we eat, especially what we feed our kids should be as close to its natural form as possible.


It is important to start healthy habits from a young age. Teaching our children to make healthy food choices and to live active life styles gives them a great head start in life.

Many conditions faced in childhood, if not addressed correctly can continue to effect your child in the adult life. Childhood obesity, allergies and behavioural problems are on the increase and its important to try to address the cause of your child’s health problems instead of treating only the symptoms.

Naturopathy can be used as a stand alone treatment and it can also be incorporated with current medical treatment.