COVID-19 Practice Update

We are offering On-Line Zoom consultations and phone consultations in order to help people stay at home, while supporting your health naturally.  We are of course providing clients with preventative health measures to help during this time as well as helping to manage the stress and isolation people are current feeling

We also have supportive measures to help you through the symptoms of a cold or flu, should you find yourself with symptoms.
If you do start to have symptoms, it is always best to phone immediately so we can get started on helping you through with immune support and inflammation support

As per Goverment instructions, when in lockdown, staying at home and going out as little as possible is the best defence, particularly those who are at risk:

Home Health Measures:

  1. Hand washing with warm soapy water
  2. Hand sanitiser after coming out of supermarket or at petrol pumps or other places other than your house
  3. Masks if needed.  You can also apply a drop of pure essential oil to a hanky or tissue to have at the bottom of your mask.  Oils to use would be t-tree, eucalyptus, lavendar etc
  4. Disposable gloves before entering any building other than your home
  5. Keep house clean and door knobs, taps and other surfaces washed down if you have been outside or anyone has entered the house


  1. Keep warm but not overheated.
  2. Keep well hydrated with filtered water
  3. Eat whole fresh foods for nutrient content (which nourish your immune system)
  4. Green leafy veg, Orange and yellow veg for vitamin A which supports to mucous membranes of your ears nose eyes throat and digestive system
  5. Good amount of sun exposure for Vitamin D (both A and D important for immune regulation).  Eggs also contain vitamin D
  6. Add fresh herbs to as many foods as you can, especially if you have a herb garden.  Fresh herbs contain volatile oils that may help support a healthy immune system
  7. Wash all fresh veg (especially food you are going to eat fresh and not cooked, eg salad items) with a suitable vegetable wash.  Allow to sit in vegie wash for a few minutes, wash and rinse well before eating
  8. Grandma’s flu fix winter soup recipe – please check our recipe section
  9. Add mushrooms, garlic and shallots or onions to your diet.  Mushrooms of all varieties may help with immune support
  10. Zest lemon and or lime rind onto cooked meals or salads for flavour and additional immune support.  Lemons and limes are to be from a natural source, not shop bought as these have been waxed to increase shelf life

Other wellness support:

  1. Use measures to reduce stress – walk, cycle, yoga and meditation can help and there are many on line yoga sites and free meditation apps, such as the Australian App – Smiling Mind, or American app – Insight timer.  Both of these have free access to multiple meditation and music options
  2. Get a good night sleep.  Turn lights to low from 6pm and limit your computer and screen time from 7pm onward (use a blue light filter if needed).  Turning devices off allows your ‘night time hormone’, Melatonin to be made more effectively.  This not only helps you get to sleep but Melatonin is n important hormone to help reduce inflammation, improve immunity and to ‘stock the shelves’ for your body to be ready for the next day
  3. Keep in contact with friends and family by phone, text, email and online
  4. Check out the many new On line supports for ‘things to do’ while self isolating (more information coming on this)

Hoping this helps.  If you have questions, please call us 9792 4248

There is more information on this website about what we do and treat and you can call to discuss your needs on 9792 4248.

We look forward to being able to support you and your family in these unusual uncharted times

And we will keep you posted about other information


Who We Are:

The Bunbury Natural Health Centre was started in 1999 to provide the people of Bunbury and the South West with outstanding Natural Health Care options.

We are a dedicated team of Naturopaths and pride ourselves on making your best health our goal by investigation and understanding the underlying issues relating to poor health

Using high quality Practitioner only products from respected and well researched companies helps to make sure we meet our targets of helping clients achieve their health goals.

Education is an important part of our company ethos.  Our aim with education is to inform and empower our clients to make good health decisions both now and in the future.  This not only helps our clients feel well it also reduces reliance on medications, both natural and medical

We research and use the latest tests for accurate reporting, which provides a solid base for your individual treatment protocol.

Using an integrated health approach, we can work with your Medical practitioner and other Allied Health Professionals in the area to help you achieve your goals

We actively listen and assess each case in depth to create your unique and personalised treatment programme.

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