Gene testing for Health









Good health depends on a multitude of factors.  One major factor is your genetic makeup. By looking at selected genes and understanding their impact on an individual level can help improve your health and pave the way to wellness and vitality.


DNA health tests can tell you quite a bit about certain aspects of your health. Here are some of the specific areas that you can learn from your gene results:

The test looks at some of the major genes determining your efficiency at absorbing and utilising nutrients (nutrigenomics).  Gene testing provide information about how your body regulates mood and cognition, hormones, fertility, Osteoporosis as well as detoxification inflammation and methylation.

Gene testing can also help to understand and see your potential genetic variations. We can then utilise this information in developing preventative strategies to limit future diseases such as increased cellular ageing.  Gene testing can also tell me how your body best responds to exercise and which foods are suited to your specific gene profile.

DNA testing is quick and easy to do and is relatively inexpensive (depending on the test that is best for you, prices range from $280 to approx $360)

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