Flu and Virus’

  1. COVID – 19 / Colds and Flu’s

With new variants of Covid virus now on the scene and infection or re-infection possible, it is important to take control of your health and your immune system.  Thankfully that is generally an easy thing to do.  Below are a few suggestions to help support your immune system:

  1. As has been indicated by the Federal Government, hand washing with soap and warm water is essential especially after being out of your home
  2. Wipe down surfaces at home and wrapped, tinned and other products brought into your house, with an appropriate cleanser
  3. Purchase a vegetable wash and wash all your fruit and salad items or raw foods before consuming.  Mix up the water to make sure you cover all surfaces and then let food sit in wash for 5 minutes.  Rinse well before eating.
  4. Foods

  5. Add fresh herbs and spices to your food.  Common herbs with stated antibacterial support are thyme, sage, oregano, rosemary.  These are easy to pick (wash) and add chopped herbs to your foods
  6. Cook with garlic and onion (if tolerated) or add garlic to your extra virgin olive oil.  Can be made into a pesto and eaten with food
  7. Make pesto with fresh garlic, fresh herbs of choice, virgin olive oil, lemon juice (1/2 – 1 lemon), salt, almonds or cashew to thicken into a pesto if wanted or just use as a herbal pour
  8. Ginger and turmeric in cooking may also help and both are know to exert an anti-inflammatory effect.
  9. Cinnamon (true cinnamon or cinnamon zylanicum – both of which are difficult to get (your Practitioner should have some).  These cinnamons are considered to be the most effective) are heating to the body and may be taken (under supervision) in higher doses at the start of a cold.  Please discuss this process before you undertake this action.
  10. See my recipe for Grandma’s Flu fix winter soup on the recipe page.
  11. Lifestyle

  12. Clean up your lifestyle (if needed) and include small to moderate exercise (to keep circulation going), clean foods (clean proteins and veg with one piece of seasonal fruit per day) and drinking filtered water between meals.
  13. Vitamin C and zinc are good for immune boost.  If you have health conditions, please seek advice from your Practitioner before starting this.
  14. Vitamin D – you can get from adequate and appropriate sun exposure – or in winter – a good quality Vitamin D.  If your Vit D is constantly low (below 70 and especially in summer) then you may need the practitioner easy to absorb Vitamin D.  If this is the one you want/need, phone me on 9792 4248
  15. Make sure your iron levels are in good shape as iron and vitamin C are two things your body needs to mount an immune response in order to fight off an infection or create a healing response.
  16. At the first sign of an infection (even if you think you feel a little under the weather), that is the time to act.  By the time you get ‘proper’ symptoms the virus or bug has already been in your system for 3  or more days and generally has a good toe hold.  Best to treat at the first sign.  If you need help, call us

Stay safe and well and phone me to discuss health options on 9792 4248

2. Other Viral Issues – Ross River, Barmah Forrest, Herpes, Shingles, Chicken pox

Natural medicine, Herbal medicine and Homoeopathics are all well placed to help people recover effectively and safely.  Traditionally treating viral issues in medicine has been difficult and results patchy.  Many herbs in a Naturopathic and Herbal dispensary have been shown through studies to have anti-viral properties, not only supporting the slowing of viral replication, but also helping the immune system back on its feet.

Ultimately, the best defense against all infections is a healthy immune system and taking preventative measures to stay well.  However, if you find the errant mozzie that bit you has passed on Ross River, it is good to know that effective help is at hand, naturally.

3. Children and Elderly

These groups are particularly vulnerable to illness.  Homoeopathics for both children and elderly are both safe and efficacious and do not interfere with prescribed medications.  Please check in to ask about these options

4. Auto Immune Conditions

Auto immune conditions are on the rise thanks to multiple factors.  Our diet and lifestyles, diet, sleep play a big part in keeping us healthy and on track.  However, the number of toxins, pesticides and chemicals found in our food sources, cooking utensils and body products can really challenge the most robust of immune systems and livers.  Other possible contributors to poor health and immune dysfunction have been linked with past viral illness’, prolonged antibiotic use (this can alter the microbiome of the gut) and in some instances can have an impact on genes.  In many cases, I have seen personally the benefit of using a natural approach to support clients through this journey and witness first hand a decline in symptom picture and also auto antibody readings.

Types of Auto Immune Conditions:

  1. Thyroid – Hashimoto’s disease and Graves Disease
  2. Diabetes – Type I diabetes is considered an auto immune process
  3. Rheumatoid arthritis / Psoriatic arthritis / Reactive and Juvenile arthritis (not all cases are auto immune.  You can be said to have sero negative arthritis.  Meaning specific inflammatory markers are not raised, but you show all the symptoms)
  4. Multiple Sclerosis
  5. Scleroderma
  6. Lupus
  7. Some Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) and in many cases Crohn’s disease
  8. Coeliac disease can also be considered an auto immune condition
  9. Myasthenia gravis
  10. Psoriasis

If you have any of these conditions and would like to know how Natural Medicines can help, please call us on 9792 4248