Hayfever, Allergy and Immune

Hayfever and other allergies such as eczema can be a real problem for people. Sneezing, Itching and a runny nose can lead to fatigue, irritability, foggy head and headaches.

Allergies occur when the immune system becomes reactive with exposure to allergens that the individual has developed a sensitivity to. Such items include pollens, grasses, mould, animal dander, dairy, wheat, shellfish, eggs and grasses.

The good news is that if you have been dependant on anti-histamines to get you through spring, there are other avenues of help, says Victoria West, Naturopath.

When a client presents with hayfever, eczema, asthma or sinus we take a detailed history including diet and lifestyle and an iridology assessment to look at the underlying problems. A specific programme is then put together to help relieve the clients symptoms while addressing the underlying problems.

In this way the improvement in the condition is faster and longer lasting.

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