Cravings Willpower and Weight loss – Jan 15

Understanding your food cravings can be tricky.

Naturopath Victoria West says cravings are often a sign of fatigue, hormonal imbalance or stress. “Our body can sometimes mix its messages, particularly if we are constantly busy and don’t have time to check in with what our body needs” Victoria says.

Blood sugar drops can also be a problem for many people and can lead to mood changes and increased sugar cravings. Victoria says, often chocolate is the go to food because of its high level of fats and sugar to satisfy the nervous system. If a person then eats a ‘forbidden’ food, their willpower and confidence often take a battering. This means the client becomes more focused on a perceived negative aspect of their behaviour and often motivation drops off as it becomes ‘too hard’ to keep up with their intentions of losing weight. Support to make permanent changes is vital in helping people succeed in achieving their weight loss potential, Victoria says

Advice from Victoria is to increase protein sources and drink adequate water throughout the day. ”Often when people are not used to drinking enough water. The body can easily mistake thirst for hunger”.

Victoria’s other pieces of advice are to avoid juices, dried fruits and other sugars and eat whole foods. “Whole foods are rich in nutrients which means your body is not looking for sugar to increase energy or deal with stress”.

Victoria has many other strategies to help overcome sugar cravings and stress and increase energy willpower and weight loss. Phone Victoria now on 9792 4248