2016 Your Doorway to Great Health

Editorial from Bunbury Mail – Jan 2016

As we all know New Year’s resolutions are easy to make and often hard to keep.

Perhaps one reason we fall down is by not having a clear plan or support to achieve our goals.

If one of your goals this year is better health, Naturopath Victoria West is offering for her Centre to be your doorway to better health.

Victoria sees a wide variety of health issues such as; Hormonal problems (Male and female), Mood issues such as anger, depression, anxiety and stress, Low energy, Digestive, Sleep issues, Skin, Arthritis, Headaches, Children’s health, learning and behaviour and many other health problems.

During summer, Ross River Virus and other virus’ are prevalent and Victoria says she successfully treats these cases.

‘Our Naturopathic treatment approach is based on a strong and growing body of scientific evidence founded on the traditional well documented herbal tradition through the centuries’ Victoria says.

According to Victoria, even if you are on prescription medication this need not be a barrier to starting a better health approach. Dietary, lifestyle and herbal treatments are easily designed around existing prescriptions.
‘No matter what your health issue, now is the time to act and achieve your goals with our support’.
Phone Victoria now on 9792 4248