Your Monthly Cycle

A woman’s menstrual cycle should not unduly interrupt her life. However, many women experience a multitude of problems ranging from emotional swings, bloating, headaches, breast tenderness, insomnia, fatigue, cravings and occasionally flushes.

And if that is not enough, these women can often experience heavy, cramping or difficult flows. In short, some women may only experience one good week a month before hormone symptoms start cycling and dominating the remainder of the cycle.

Peri- menopause and menopausal can display similar unsettling symptoms.

What is a woman to do! According to Naturopath Victoria West there are easy dietary and lifestyle changes that can have a huge beneficial impact on diminishing hormonal symptoms. Victoria says she uses these dietary and lifestyle changes to help form a base for treatment. Herbal or homoeopathic treatments lend additional support until there are good improvements.

If you would like improve your current menstrual cycle, no matter what the symptoms, phone Victoria on 9792 4248 for an appointment or to discuss your needs

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