Skin Deep

Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, lumps bumps and itches.

These surface conditions often tell us that our system is struggling to keep up with our diet or lifestyle. Allergies to foods, plants and animals can leave us scratching and irritable and socially withdrawn.

These conditions are more than skin deep and need closer attention than just a topical cream.

Naturopath Victoria West says her detailed case histories can help to determine the underlying causes of these conditions. ‘People find skin and other health conditions distressing not just because of the discomfort but also because it affects their confidence.’ Teenager acne is a prime example Victoria says she encounters often.  Psoriasis is another skin condition that can lead to extreme itch, irritiability and distress, often causing poor sleep issues, which further compounds the clients health

Eczema, which can also create extreme itching, can also keep people awake at night, thereby reducing their energy, health and quality of life.

Victoria says her approach to working with skin based issues is formulated around dietary and lifestyle advice with herbal and or homoeopathic treatments to complement these basic lifestyle changes.  By using diet and lifestyle changes Victoria says the client can learn to take control of the things exacerbating their condition and that means we can wean away from herbs as the condition improves

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Youtube link explaining the importance of gut health when looking at skin conditions