Restless Leg Syndrome

This condition afflicts many people from children to older age, men and women alike.

Little is known about the full reason behind this frustrating condition that causes the lower legs (usually) to feel restless, crampy, aching or have a crawling sensation.

Restless legs most often cause problems when people are trying to relax or get to sleep. Naturopath Victoria West says “symptoms are mostly prominent at this time of the day. When people are trying to sleep their legs just won’t let them relax.” Poor sleep can result with the person’s energy and even immune system being compromised long term.

Victoria says she has seen and successfully helped many people with Restless Leg Syndrome. “Some people say the restless legs can make them feel anxious, irritable and frustrated” Victoria says. “Generally this is an easy condition to treat with simple changes to diet and some nutritional support.” Victoria says

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