Conception and Fertility

Conception and fertility problems are increasing significantly, with statistics showing an increase in both male and female sub fertility. If both parents have hormonal issues or tissue damage then conception becomes a challenge.

Improving diet and nutritional status, reducing stress and weight and supporting hormone function all help improve fertility.

Most people only know of IVF, however Naturopath Victoria West says that Natural Medicine not only helps couples to improve their fertility, but with good pre-conception care can improve the health of babies during pregnancy as well as for the rest of the baby’s life even into old age.

Naturopath Victoria West says she is passionate about Pre-Conception Care (PCC). “Statistics show PCC can confer a positive outcome not just for the current pregnancy and baby but can provide health benefits for even your great great grandchildren” Victoria says. Having healthy parents during and after the pregnancy allows a better coping mechanism, better breast feeding outcomes and better health for the whole family.

One last aspect of good PCC is that research again has shown a well balance PCC protocol can help silence some genes that are expressed as family issues. There is an opportunity to help people improve their health and gene expression – a legacy that Victoria thinks is so important for todays families.

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